Mode Corporation


We Design Fabric

We work all kind of fabrics , jeans , knit.. And if it necessary to create some other type to please our client we will create it .

We Manufacture

You can visit our factory and follow each process step by step , we have the latest manufacturing ranger for all kind of fabrics so in this way we can create any sample however it was .

We Engineer

We have the latest technologies to carry out your project and we create it as you wish .

design office

Our office of style and study is equipped with a computerized system for patronage and model making + gradation + large format printing white paper or cardboard template (1m60) or A0 (90cm) cm for your investments, realizations of prototpyes, Our service is among the best in MOROCCO, speed, reliability and responsiveness. Test the service yourself. This service is 100% anonymous, no information is disclosed, neither the name of your brand, nor model, the professional secrecy obliges us there. It is for this reason that you will not see enough elements on this subject. This service gives you access to a patronage + paper edition + computerized file.



We master all the techniques of high fashion allowing to work the most precious and delicate materials and to realize your clothes, creations and accessories upscale, single piece or series, as you imagine them.

MODCORPORATION makes your accessories, scarves, stoles, jackets, coats, pants, dresses, blouses, bags … the craziest in respect of the material and all your requirements.


An internal logistics department facilitates customs procedures and ensures fast delivery

tons of yarn
tons of raw knitted fabric
tons of dyed fabric
tons ready-made clothes